Artist Franca Casagli was born on the 18th november 1955 in Rimini, city in which she currently lives. She has got the High School Diploma from the ITC Valturio, then she has become head of administrative office in many local high schools. Since 2 Dec 1979 she is married with Luciano Zavaglia: they have 2 siblings, Melissa (1980) and Michele 1986). In the early 2000s she has started the artistic career as self made artist, being inspired by simple passion and only for fun. Her first paintings are aimed for her personal home decoration. On the 2009, being suggested by some experts, she takes part to a local exposition for beginners, organized by the Rimini city council, winning the first prize. It is the breaking point of her career: from now on, her approach to the painting activity becomes more systematic  and at the same time pragmatic.

Her painting  is now more representative of her style, the topics change but always tackled with the same approach. The impressionist painting, together with a strong interpretation of subjects and objects, creates a deep emotional and visual impact. In this moment of her artistic life the recalls of her native land rise. The proximity of the see, the legacy of the Fellinian Rimini, the smells and the tastes of Romagna are the inspiring elements and very often lead the Casagli prose. The main characteristic of her paintings is the great expressiveness, able to transform them (oil on canvas) in realistic animated subjects, storytellers of her living environment.